Limited Edition Fall Peloton Scarf

Made of wonderfully soft organic cotton knit, the Limited Edition Fall Peloton scarf is a colorful way for me to celebrate fall cycling even when I’m not on my bike. There’s a special message printed on the fold, and is the first in a series of special editions from VividExcellence.

If you want one (and you know you do) you can send mail to “daniel.berlinger+scarf.sample” at gmail dot com. If there’s enough interest a run will be produced, so tell your friends.

If a run is to be produced, I will contact you with pricing information, and you will have the opportunity to place an order.

If nothing else, I’m lovin’ it.

Fall Peloton scarf sample

Fall Peloton scarf sample

Fall Peloton scarf sample

Fall Peloton scarf sample

Fall Peloton scarf sample

2 thoughts on “Limited Edition Fall Peloton Scarf

  1. Daniel –
    Just found your blog (again) and wanted to say hello. Sounds like you’re well and happy. I think that’s great. Ginny and I “may” have settled down due to my medical problems. But I wouldn’t bet on that. Still have this terrible wanderlust to contend with.

    Keep on cycling,

    • Jim!

      I’m glad you took a moment to get in touch. I was just quoting you the other day, as more folks are getting into “bike packing” and discovering the lessons already learned by the thru-hiker crowd.

      As for well and happy, thankfully I certainly am, and despite whatever problems you allude to above, I hope both of you are as well.

      We should “really” catch up. Are you on the East coast?

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