How Obama could have avoided the shellacking

How Obama could have avoided the shellacking:He wouldn’t have been up against the Republicans if, on coming into office, he set up a Craigslist for volunteering, with meetups at a community level every month to talk about ways of making things work better. And during the rest of the time, no talk, just action. Keep the streets clean. Help out the homeless. Create new flows of information about how things are working, or not.

I think he had that opportunity, to carry the new way his campaign lifted him up and use the same energy to lift up everything. At least then, if it failed, it wouldn’t have been his faillure, it would have been ours. But he didn’t even try. Not even a bit.

[Dave nailed it above. The change I can believe in is the ability to crowd source things. You see the effect on EBay and Twitter and Facebook. It’s the change that Obama should’ve created and hasn’t. The opportunity is not lost.]
Source: Scripting News

2 thoughts on “How Obama could have avoided the shellacking

  1. gerry says:

    I think not so much. With the economy in the tank and the moron tea party nuts who can’t stand the thought of a black president he had no chance.

    • I’m fairly certain I don’t agree with your characterization. Those same people were present for his election. Obama has, to date, fundamentally failed on the larger picture promises. Still, there’s hope.

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