Steve Jobs: The parable of the stones – Fortune Tech

Steve Jobs: The parable of the stones – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech: That’s always been in my mind my metaphor for a team working really hard on something they’re passionate about. It’s that through the team, through that group of incredibly talented people bumping up against each other, having arguments, having fights sometimes, making some noise, and working together they polish each other and they polish the ideas, and what comes out are these really beautiful stones.

[Earlier I wrote about trying to focus the passion and limit the drama that goes with reaching for high levels of execution. But I was referring to the mean dismissal of people’s attempts to accomplish and deriding their work. Not the impassioned reaching that I feel is described here. This stuff is gold.]

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street: The problem is not the end of the industrial age, the problem is a lack of aggregate demand. We have a lack of aggregate demand because finance is mismanaged, both at the industrial level (“Finance industry”) and at the Governmental level (“deficit spending” and “financial regulation”). The reason that finance is systemically mismanaged is because the academic paradigm of finance is simply wrong. Economics professors are not good at accounting, they consider it beneath them, so they simply do not know that their macroeconomic models do not follow double-entry bookkeeping and are therefore wrong.

Accountants don’t notice that macroeconomics is wrong because they imaginationless grinds.

[Right or wrong Zimran never pulls punches.]
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Steve Jobs and the Founder’s Pain

Steve Jobs and the Founder’s Pain: And that’s why I like Jony Ive. He too clearly feels that pain (he once insisted they hold up an entire product launch because he didn’t like the polish on the screws) but he doesn’t lash out at people about it. Instead, he sits down with the people involved and works to fix the problem until they get it just right.

But does it require so much pain? My hope is that I can be just as exacting, demand work just as good, without emotionally destroying people in the process. I want to be a perfectionist and a nice guy. I want to be Jony Ive. I hope it works — for my sake, and Apple’s.

[As I’ve said before. I feel the same way. Sociopath or no, I’ve certainly done my fair share of yelling and bi-polaresque it’s great/sucks sort of thing. And still the hardest part remains finding the passion and will to care at that level and yet not allow that to create pain for others. It may not be Ive’s nature, but it is a part of many of us. We can all do better, and learn from those who don’t try to control this.]
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Is This Really the Tablet Everyone’s Talking About?

Is This Really the Tablet Everyone’s Talking About?: All of the reviews seem to agree on the main points: the Kindle Fire is best at video playback, not very good for reading, mediocre at web browsing, and acceptable for playing a handful of Android games.

Given its strength as a video-playback device, though, Amazon really should have given it more storage. One of the most common use-cases for watching video on tablets is on airplanes or while commuting, neither of which reliably offer Wi-Fi fast enough for streaming video. Ask any iPad owner who watches a lot of video if 6 GB would be enough storage.

[Shrug. Scary, though, is the thought that they’ve made an even more compelling shopping experience. :)]