iTunes and iPhoto fail pretty quickly to help me

I’m stating my problem with these apps to help me later. I need to craft a solution to this problem.

My laptop has relatively limited storage space. I want to keep my photos in a single library and my music in a single library. I want to keep the photos I love and music I’m currently loving in front of me as it were, and everything else out of the way. Multiple library’s don’t work… it’s too hard to know where some music or a photo might be, and then I can’t find anything.

So in short a I need a subset of photos and a subset of music that are part of a larger library. New additions (photos taken, or music recorded or purchased) need to be added to the one true library. The one true library does not need to be accessible at all times, it just needs to add new content when it is available.

If any of you have solved this problem, let me know :)

See also JDD’s writing on the photo side of things as well. Here and here.

★ Apps Are the New Channels

★ Apps Are the New Channels: Why not the same thing for TV channels? We’re seeing the beginnings of this, with iPhone and iPad apps like HBO Go, Watch ESPN, and the aforementioned Bloomberg TV+. Letting each TV network do their own app allows them the flexibility that writing software provides. News networks can combine their written and video news into an integrated layout. Networks with contractual obligations to cable operators, like HBO and ESPN, can write code that requires users to log in to verify their status as an eligible subscriber.

[Righteo, on some level. Whether or not that means an AppleTV is another question, but I agree with the direction.]
Source: Daring Fireball

Ambitious iOS Apps

Ambitious iOS Apps: Anyway, to capture these, I set up a free-to-edit Google Spreadsheet. Feel free to add apps you think should qualify. Please don’t just add your favourite app – do explain why you think the app qualifies as “ambitious”. I reserve the right to prune the list as I see fit. Note, too, that I’m not just asking about “education” apps – I’m looking across the entire platform.

[Nice. A great source for inspiration as well. (Good things done well)]
Source: Fraser Speirs