A VeloDramatic Report Card

Fran and Alberto Contador

A VeloDramatic Report Card:

I took it to my friendly neighborhood Apple store and remarkably they confirmed they had a known video issue with the original mainboard. They wrote up the $500 repair then credited me for the whole amount promising a five-day turnaround. The next day, less than 24 hours later, the store called to say the repair was done and the MBP ready for pickup. Superb!
Now you could chalk this video resurrection up to luck, but twice during the year I had power bricks fail. The Apple mag connector is very cool, but like all cables eventually wires pull loose. Both times, with no prompting from me, Apple representatives replaced the adapters free of charge. In an age where service and customer loyalty are largely forgotten, Apple does all the little things to earn my trust. I don’t think I’m alone and that’s why Apple is doing so well.
Because of that experience my next laptop will be a Mac.

[Nice. Interesting changes for Michael this past year. Nice to see his business flourishing.]

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