Death of the sports interview

Death of the sports interview – ESPN:

What is lost amid the swirl of random information? What died along with the interview? Texture and perspective, to be sure, and any true sense for who an athlete really is and what he stands for. There is more demand and less access, more information and less knowledge. The repeated Kabuki of the group press conference is institutional dehumanization. It’s easy and efficient, but the result is a detachment that makes it easier for a fan to call a show and say a coach or player should be cut or benched or fired, or worse.

The death of the interview has spawned a generation raised on generalities and clichés.

[Other people divide the same issue into long form vs. short. Either way, the canned, ffed the machine, pre/post, coming off the field, interviews are never interesting. There’s better ways to fill “air” time.]

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