Be generous with your links

Warned: This post contains what some consider offensive language.

One minor point on the comment bullshit:

I’ll reference the article(s) in question in a reasonably clear way. I may even use the title, (In this case, it’s “Comments Still Off” on Siegler’s parislemon tumblr blog.) That way, I’m still attributing “correctly”, (for at least smallish values of “correctly”.) But even the minimal SEO value I generate, I’m not giving that away just because someone’s too fucking snotty to allow their precious genius to be “tainted” by comments. You want me to link to you? You want me to help boost your SEO? For Free?

Fuck You. Pay Me, as Mike Montiero is fond of saying.

[I disagree. I get it, but links make the web. No links, no web. Be generous.]


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