It never ends how it starts

Opinion: It never ends how it starts:

One also has to ask what, if anything, did Hosking learn from the experience, given that when a team-mate told her over dinner Sunday evening her comments were spread across the Twitterverse, she told reporters the next day, “It’s gotten the world talking about women’s cycling, hasn’t it?”

[What I hope she learned is that Anthony Tan, the author of the opinion piece above, should be called the same name… Of course, the reporter should have reported it. That’s the gig. And it reads to me like you’re hoping that she struggles with her national program from here on out. I certainly hope that’s not how you feel. What most folks have forgotten is that you’re supposed to have an opinion, and you should feel free to express it, and the suppression (through career retribution) of those two things is what sucks, not the other way around.]

Source: VeloNews

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