DD.tumblr: Whoopee, somebody emptied our bank account today

DD.tumblr, Whoopee, somebody emptied our bank account today:

The bank will cover this expense when its fraud department has digested all the details. But meanwhile, the household is skint. So: if you feel inclined to spit in the eye of the nameless rogue(s) who’ve briefly ruined the domestic tranquility around here, I invite you you to go over to the Ebooks Direct store and buy something using the discount code DDGOTSKIMMED, which will give you 20% off whatever you buy. If you feel inclined to reblog or (if you saw this on Twitter) RT this, it’d be appreciated.
(mutter) Miscreants.

[So go over there and buy a few things, and spread the word, put the auspicious back in someone’s 2012.]

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