Justification? We can do better

Screw Entitlement:

So do I think SOPA/PIPA are good? No, don’t be stupid, they’re horrid bills. But do I think that it is solely the fault of RIAA/MPAA/et al? No. The people using the above excuses and justifications share just as much blame. If nothing else, they created reams of justification for lobbyists to use when pushing these bills in Congress.

The Internet’s relentless victim-blaming and support of piracy handed “the enemy” a fully-loaded gun, aimed at their own skulls, all the while screaming “I DARE YOU TO PULL THE TRIGGER”. Spare me the outrage until you’re willing to change your behavior.

[Not the first person to note this. but said with his usual vigor.]

Source: bynkii.com

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