The other side of SOPA

Put Up or Shut The F… Up | The Cynical Musician:

Supposedly the tech crowd are some of the smartest people on this planet. I mean, they’ve come up with the free encyclopedia anyone can edit, a site where I can broadcast myself and a way for me to find what I’m looking for on the web, that’s not evil at all. Surely, figuring out a way how we can stop unprincipled, opportunistic arsewipes making money from creators’ work without paying them, while at the same time keeping the Internet secure and assuring that people’s free speech rights aren’t abridged, isn’t beyond the capabilities of those bright minds. I’m not asking for the impossible: I just want to see a situation where it is very hard to run a pirate site and the chances of getting caught and punished when doing so are considerable. I want to see piracy being a bad business to go into.

[I haven’t heard about this side of the argument from the tech people… it’s a problem and a half.]

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