Daniel’s Great Annual Birthday Ride

Daniel’s Great Annual Birthday Ride:

We set out on an intentionally short, but vertically-challenging ride. Daniel learned from last year that if he didn’t set my expectations properly about the verticality of the ride, I would curse his name peppering my expletives with promises of great bodily hard. I’m ok to ride hills, I just like to KNOW that I’m going to be multidimensionally (sure, it’s a word) suffering.

[That’s not the only thing I learned. I also learned that that I should not have Jenni ambush me with video. Had I known that was going to happen, I would have reengaged my brain. You see we were standing in a spot with a great view of the valley from the Hudson River from the top of the first eastern wave of Ramapo hills. Having just climbed it, I wasn’t thinking about anything but “It’s cold (now that I’ve stopped)”, and “it’s only get colder on the trip down.” I hadn’t engaged any higher order thinking a that point. Naturally, that is when she points a camera at me, and suggests that I should have something to say. Oy. Next time. This new bit of climbing (who knew it was there?) will add a nice bit to my climbing ride, and is quiet enough for hill repeats when necessary. As a bonus, it is closer to me than any other climb with some length to it. I also haven’t tried it in the other direction which could be less steep, but longer. Fun.


I also learned that there is entirely too much bike gear in the entrance to our play room, even if ignore Jenni sprawled on the floor.]

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