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I love the fact that she’s wearing a 100 Miles of Nowhere t-shirt as she’s making this presentation. And I love even more how the kids react when they hear my name.

But what I love most is the fact that those kids, in that school, in that video, right now, have a better chance at a good life because of something we did. Something you did.

Here, take a look at a few of Katie’s pictures from this trip:

[Right then, she’s 100 Miles of Everywhere. (For those of you who don’t know, years and years ago (2008), Elden (Fatty) Nelson had a terrible idea: He bet a bunch of Fat Cyclist readers that he could ride his rollers for 100 miles. A raised a some money for charity. Next year he invited other’s to join. And it’s been going on in one form or another since. Last year a bunch of us road in a fairly small circle around the Kessina track. Anyway, it just seemed very ironic that in the midst of doing good and important work she wore a shirt that represents such folly. Of course, it also represents great joy and caring about others but in a silly sort of way. Very Elden like. Maybe it was perfect.)]

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