(Part of) Why Instapaper and Similar Are So Useful

(Part of) Why Instapaper and Similar Are So Useful:

ReadWriteWeb, Jon Mitchell: Websites Have to Get Better:

Read-later apps are competition for noisy, ad-ridden websites. They represent a simple fact: Users hate our sites.

Sure do.

Dave Winer suggests:

Generate a community of template designers who create readable templates that we can use in content management systems… Make it easy for people to make readable sites. And beautiful and have advertising. Help solve the problem.

[It’s like the golden age of designers. I don’t think the impact of design has ever been given more play. And the same open source tools that work for developers probably work well fr designers (I’m thinking Github here). I wonder if there is a too much ‘individuality’ still bred into the designer space.]

Source: inessential.com

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