Lisa B, Mrs. S: Heart Trouble

Lisa B, Mrs. S: Heart Trouble:

Today, I sent the baby of my babies to kindergarten. I cried off and on all morning because it’s such a clear moment of transition. You live, work, and grow to prepare for moments like starting school, and when you get there, you can hardly believe you made it. It’s relief and pride and joy and a little bit of loss, because you had a purpose yesterday, and now your purpose isn’t so clear. Transitions require pauses and breaths, and then you begin again.

Then there are all these miracle milestones for kids – like walking, biking, swimming, reading. Once they can do these things, they look like they’ve always been able to, but you know they couldn’t and it just seems miraculous. Often, these miracle milestones coincide with clear transitions – turning one or beginning school – and they just make your heart swell.

[So true.]

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