Hypercritical: The Case for a True Mac Pro Successor

Hypercritical: The Case for a True Mac Pro Successor:

Halo cars also push car makers to their limits. Engineering teams must use all their skills and all their powers to create the very best car possible. This exercise inevitably leads to the exploration of new technologies. The failed experiments are forgotten, but the winners eventually find their way into more prosaic cars from the same manufacturer.

[Apple was never in “halo” product business. The MacPro used be the machine you needed to run big screens. It was the machine you needed when you were doing stuff like ProTools with a bunch additional processing cards, or large image Photoshop with giant screens. Of course, for most of us those things can be happily accomplished with the *laptops* Apple produces. Now I think it entirely possible that Apple can create a desktop machine that is priced for meer mortals but is extensible enough for that sliver of true high end that still exists. Whether or not that will add to a halo type device is in the eye of the “car guy”.]

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