Gionvanni Grancino violin has been lost and presumed stolen

A Gionvanni Grancino violin has been lost and presumed stolen in
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on Friday, March 29th 2013.

European luthiers and the Interpol have already been informed and are on
the look out for it, but they would now would like to get the word out in
the US as well as a precaution, as the violin still has not been recovered.

The instrument belongs to the Jumpstart Jr. Foundation, based in the

Jumpstart Jr. was founded in The Netherlands in 2006 and is the custodian of a unique collection of historical string instruments crafted by old masters and selected by leading baroque players. Jumpstart Jr. aims to identify the best young players who have already completed a musical education and are recognized to become leading performers.

I can pass on the email addresses and phone numbers of those involved.

Galerie 50 11 m

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