It’s 2013. Why are we still in login hell?

It’s 2013. Why are we still in login hell?:

The sites are the servers, and our browsers are the clients, suckling the servers’ teats for the milk of “content” and cookies to keep track of us.

This blows.

It has blown for eighteen years.

[snip -ed.]

But why should we need logins and passwords at all? If you and a site or service truly know each other, why put both of you through the rigamarole of logging in all the time? There are a zillion good security answers to that question, but I believe they are all coming from inside the same box we’ve been in for the duration.

It’s time to think and work outside that box.

[It’s a mess no doubt. I know why the company I work for has a login ( and then some ) but I wonder about others all the time. ]

Source: Doc Searls Weblog

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