Tesla over the air updates.

Marco Arment on Twitter: “The designers at @Tesla “cleaned up” the bottom bar of the control screen to replace my defroster and seat heaters with this customizable app list. Thanks a lot. But the only “apps” I want there are seat heaters and THE F’N DEFROSTER, HAVE YOU EVER DRIVEN A CAR BEFORE?!

[And then Dave]

Scripting News: Why not drive a Tesla:

I found out in the latest update. I had the temperature in the car set to 65 degrees, the same temperature I have my house thermostat set to. When I got into my updated car, the temperature was 72. It said so very clearly on the big display in the middle of the dash. So I did what I did before, touched the temperature, up pops the environment panel, but I couldn’t find any way to change the temp back to 65. I know how to scan a UI from left to right and top to bottom to find the thing that should be big, in the middle the display. A slider that sets the temperature. It wasn’t there. I sat in the car in my garage for a few minutes before I had a brilliant idea. Try doing it on the phone where the UI didn’t change. Voila. Back to comfort.

[I’ve always enjoyed “over the air” updates for the apps I use. For sure, you’re at the mercy of the developers involved, but overall they’ve worked for me. But I don’t know what to make of these updates Tesla owners are “enjoying”. I’m not sure a purely virtual interface is a good thing in a car where you can’t feel the button or stalk, or more importantly engage with it with “muscle memory”. And all the touch screens seem to suffer from targets that are too small if the car is bouncing even a little (your arm extended toward the screen doesn’t make for the steadiest of platforms to poke a small spot on the screen). Breakage in a car seems like a terrible idea, and burying things so that they’re not easy to find seems even worse.]

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