Fight against hell

Fight against hell:

When people say we’re “fighting for democracy” even that isn’t strong enough.

We must fight so we don’t become a fascist country with slavery for Blacks, ovens for Jews and women turned into baby-producing handmaidens. And for a human-habitable planet.

If you think that isn’t what’s happening, well it is.

  • This country has never actually revoked slavery. A lot of people are still bitter about the outcome of the Civil War. Blacks are not, according to many Americans, entitled to the full rights of Americans.
  • Anti-semitism is also a foundation, not just of America, but most of the world. We heard Trump say that American Jews are really citizens of Israel, which emphatically is not true.
  • And the last one, women as baby-producing handmaidens, that’s what overturning Roe v Wade is for.
  • And of course it’s not just Blacks, Jews and women, there’s a hellish place for every non-white non-male non-Christian American.
  • And who knows why they don’t want to keep the planet habitable for humans. Maybe they think God meant for them (and not us of course) to migrate to other planets. Whatever it is, it’s another form of hell.

Yet journalism still mostly sees it as a partisan horse-race and every step we take into the abyss is bad news for one or two people like Biden or Schumer. Their delusion by now is really a form of insanity. Forget about waking them up, we have to move past them.

The thing that unites us is the hell the Trumpists have in mind for all of us.

[Why ia this not obvious to everyone?]

Source: Scripting News

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