Iterate. Iterate. Iterate. – by David Hoang

Iterate. Iterate. Iterate. – by David Hoang:

Iteration sparks movement, which builds momentum. It’s like pedaling a bicycle on a lower gear instead of the highest. The lower gear won’t get you as far but it requires less effort to get moving. My co-worker and friend Izzy once said, “The number one way to be productive is to reduce the iteration cycle.” This is true. If you struggle with getting something creative done, reduce the iteration. Write the outline instead of the final draft, and come back to it later. Sketch out scribbles of the app design…

[I agree with the premise. But I would point out that the examples provided (outline vs final draft, scribbles vs high fidelity render) doesn’t reduce the iteration cycle. They reduce the resolution at which you are working. The *outcome* of reducing the resolution is that you can (if it makes sense) reduce the cycle time. But the two are not linked together, and shouldn’t be. There’s a time and place for both. The trick is knowing what resolution the work should be at a given stage of designing or creation. The cycle time will flow from there. ]

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