No one is actually boiling chicken in NyQuil

No one is actually boiling chicken in NyQuil:

So not only has NyQuil chicken been on a TikTok for a while — it first started trending on the app last winter — it’s been on the internet for even longer. It was “invented” on 4chan’s cooking board back in 2017, where it was called “sleepytime chicken”. People always forget that the original version includes whiskey. It’s supposed to make you sleepy! Also, if you click through on that link to the whole Imgur album, the 4chan user then takes the sleepytime chicken, wraps it in a tortilla, covers it in cheese, more cough medicine, and finishes it off with a dollop of sour cream.

[Never say “no one” in this crazy world we live in… but folks should understand the history.]

Michael Tsai – Blog – FogBugz Auto-Upgrades Free and Dormant Plans to Paid

Michael Tsai – Blog – FogBugz Auto-Upgrades Free and Dormant Plans to Paid:

Anil Dash:

I don’t recommend anyone do business with them, whether as a customer or anything else; I was CEO of Fog Creek when we decided to sell FogBugz, and if I knew the difference between what we were told ahead of the deal and what happened after, I never would have approved it. I didn’t see that they’d done this latest shitty thing until now but I really lament that they’ve sunk to an even lower new level.

I’ll add this as well… from Marco Arment who called them… “I was concerned about possibly getting sent to collections and affecting credit.

The phone guy, over a VERY laggy, scratchy overseas connection, basically said my data was already deleted and the billing failure would auto-delete the account without any more action.”

[Well, that’s quite a thing. Shame on them.]