Approaching hard work – by David Hoang

Approaching hard work – by David Hoang:

Purpose and ambition in life looks different for everyone, and it’s important for you to define what that means. Long hours do not equate to success. Grace Walker recently gave a talk, Small on purpose, about the life of a solopreneur and what success, looks like. Success looks different for everyone, and only you can define it.

I’ve seen many contemporaries leave the industry to never return—retired on a farm or finding a new profession. For many, it’s by choice, and for others, it’s the spark burning out. With nearly two decades in the tech industry, I need to be healthy and present enough to endure the next few. If you have ambitious goals, you’ll need to work hard but don’t let them destroy you. Play the long game and make every hour count and it invokes positive energy.

[Lots to consider, but this stuff has always guided me… despite my own “a child of refugees, and a Capricorn, hard work is in my DNA and personality” traits.]

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