Trailing Noah…

Looks like this: Noah_trailer_lake.jpg

We got out early on Mother’s Day so that Lisa would have some time to herself. True, she was busy prepping for Noah’s final 3rd birthday party later in the day, but us being out of the house changes the tempo. So we went to the Lake and rolled around for a while. Then we stopped at home, grabbed some breakfast, and headed out to the Park (read slides ad swings). We were pretty much out of the house the entire morning getting air and sunshine and running around. A great gift for all of us.

By the time I took this picture, Noah had already squirmed out of half his harness, was occasionally snacking on his Bites and sipping from a water bottle, had two plush bears and a blanket with him. He also requested that his red backpack ride along (filled with enough “Noah supplies” for a really tough day (changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, etc., etc.) All in all I was pulling about 65lbs.