Snowy Mountains

There’ll come a time when the pictures friends send me from their epic vacations (mountain climbing, skiing, frozen biking) will once again appeal. Their crisp blue skies, the carapaces and undulations of the mountain wearing a mantle of whitest snow, the gray, almost smoky clouds hovering low over a brilliant orange or yellow tent, bike wheels packed with snow, and water bottles frozen solid all meant to inspire a longing for a road less traveled. But for now even the notion of cold is entirely lacking in merit in my eyes.

Seriously. I get up fairly early every day. Generally 5AM somethin’. And all autumn, winter and through most of spring that means it’s at least chilly outside if not cold as a witches elbow. It makes it hard to get up, hard to get out, and it’s really demotivating when what you have to do is not fun. Getting up that early in the cold to go skiing? Doable. Getting up that early to get ready for work and take out the garbage? An effort of will. I rode my bike throughout the winter regardless of temperature or precipitation. I hustled my little family out the door t the ridiculous hour we leave for jobs and school. But I’ve kinda had it with the cold for now.

So for the time being, if you live in Alaska, or climb in the Himalayas, or are running some program in the Arctic, or Antarctica, please spare the snowy, cold pictures. No matter how beautiful. Wait ’till maybe the end of August or September when the oppressing humidity of a New York summer has kicked in with sufficient strength to cause even the staunchest of summer folks to wilt. By then I’ll be toast. Then bring them on!

As always your support is appreciated. (wink)