merb-slices are “Little slices of MVC cake”. These are self contained merb apps with models, controlers, views and assets that you can distribute as rubygems. You can mount a merb-slice at a specific point in your router definition and you can override any part of the slice up in your main app. So in a way these are similar to what Rails-Engines promise, except merb-slices are built into the framework and will not break when merb itself is updated.

Check out the tutorial/screencast for a peek at how merb-slices work.

[Nice. Merb continues to impress.]

A short story: AJ, the cyclist, and a large brown dog

A short story: AJ, the cyclist, and a large brown dog: He noticed when there were no cars coming towards him, cars would swing over to the other side to pass. However, when there was traffic in both directions, they passed by a 60 mph with no thought of slowing down, often missing him by inches.

At one time, a large eighteen-wheeler went by, and although it missed him by at least two feet, its shear size, and those huge wheels, gave AJ the scare of his life. And the back draft almost blew him off his feet [If more folks would have to get out of their cars and trucks, and for that matter, lived with fewer bits of insulation between each of us the world would be a better place.]
Source: Dave Moulton’s Bike Blog

The Joys Of Life…

The Joys Of Life…: Watching 4 guys in a pace line, with full-on Time Trial gear, going -maybe- 12mph while Chloe and me passed them at 19mph, with Chloe honking her newish Honka Hoota and shouting, “EYE OF THE TIGER BABY… EYE OF THE TIGER!!!”. [Not that long ago I witnessed a similar happening. I was pulling Noah in the trailer, and there were signs and then cops and then hordes of people at the usually quiet park. The signs said “Biathlon” (well, there was a sponsor’s name, but they’ve never done me any favors…). For one split second I wondered who was going to the shooting with images of cyclists jumping off their bikes to take aim at something… and realized that someone was trying their hand at marketing and failing (apparently the name is changing next year to duathlon eliminating my vision and possibly a fatal misunderstanding). Anyway, so the competitors start arriving in all their racing glory, and behold the always enjoyable sight of someone on a “townie” bike (upright, non-aero position) in shorts and t-shirt, passing someone in full tri gear… skinsuit, aero bars, disk wheel… the works. I burst out laughing, but only Noah heard me, and there was no way to explain… It’s not about the bike (or gear).]
Source: Large Fella on a Bike