The North County Trailway

north_county_trailway_05_2008.gifA nice sized group of us collected over in Westchester county for a social 40+ mile jaunt up the North County Trailway. A rail to trail conversion project it has a fairly consistent 2% grade while you’re headed north. The ride leader thought to start off with a bucolic scene of a local farm and cows grazing in the fields. Don’t let that wall like double climb worry anyone… it’s short. Naturally, it completely fractured the group.

NCT initial elevation.png

After spending a long time regrouping (almost) we were heading up the trail. I didn’t snapshot the speeds enough to know for sure, but most of the riding was in the 13 – 15 area, and of course, stunting and sprinting, and playing around ensued so there were section cranked up to 28.7 mph while we all goofed around.

I still seem to be bonking after about 18 miles… I’m not sure why. A short rest and some light pedaling is all it takes to revive, but I never noticed it in prior years. Hmmm.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day for a ride, and much fun was had. Thanks always to my sponsor… my lovely wife, who sprung me loose for the day.

I should also point out that the giant blank area on my back could be displaying *your* message, advertising, or company logo. Feel free to get in touch.