FedEx -1 or so, AT&T +1

A typical FedEx delivery truck. Photograph taken in Chicago, Illinois on August 26, 2005 by Kelly Martin.

FedEx, the oft revered delivery company, has got some issues brewing. Here’s two of them.

There’s a company who’s goods I purchase. They ship FedEx signature required. They offer no options (that’s another story). This is a problem because often no one is home when they attempt delivery. That means either traveling to the FedEx facility and picking it up (that’s not what I call delivery) or signing the door tag and leaving that on my front door.

most people just sign the door tag and wait another day. I find that annoying since the package was literaly on my doorstep already. Further, if the signature is supposed provide security, the doortag does the opposite. It announces for all who drive by that there will be a package left on my stoop sometime soon. There is no way (from what I understand) to inform FedEx of when a good time to deliver the package would be, so I can’t help them deliver the package securely.

Recently, they started calling to inform me that a package that requires a signature will be arriving the next giving me the option leaving a preemptive doortag of my own making for the driver, once again announcing that package will be there soon, and now saving them a trip but not improving security one bit. So FedEx’s situation is improved by the phone call, but mine has not since again, they provide no opportunity to give them feedback as to when a good delivery time would be, or maybe even a “press 2 in liu of leaving a sign on your door that screams ‘a package that is so cool and expensive it required a signature will be here, on this very spot, later.’ “

And if that’s not annoying enough. The Dude In Charge at work kindly upgraded the phone we use for testing and development which I carry. He ordered the upgrade which AT&T is shipping. They do not have a corporate name associated with the account so it ships to the company address without the company name, and the FedEx delivery person doesn’t know what to do with it (and/or the mailroom rejects it). Delivery Exception is noted on the FedEx tracking site. Again, with no way to help FedEx get the package destined for you, to you. Nor information about where to call or find your local FedEx delivery station which is noted as “At Local Fedex Facility: New York, NY, US”. Really? No street address… nothing. In a city the size of NY. Seriously.

So I ask around and someone suggest calling them. Hah, I think. How mid-fifties. But since their website provided no useful information, I called. I choose the track option and the computer notes the delivery exception and passes me on to a rep. The rep informs me that the package is at a FedEx store around the corner. I explain that I will be going to pick up this package despite it being in the name of The Dude In Charge, and ask what ID or whatever I should I bring with me? She says a letter from The Dude In Charge with my name explaining that I will be picking it up on his behalf, and a photo ID.

Fully armed with said stuffs, I waltz around the corner. The counter guy plugs in the numbers and says sorry that package isn’t here. Backing and forthing commences, and he explains (with true sorrow) that the package is at the main place 606 49th between 11th & 12th. OK I think, I go by there every day, so I head over there.

Parking is nonexistant, so I park illegally in the Charter bus parking spots and kept on eye on my car. The counter person can’t be bothered to look up or offer a greeting. Nice. I hand over the letter with the tracking number and explaining who I am. I’m then informed that the package is there but she can’t release it unless AT&T says so. Why did no one else mention this to me? “I called ya’ll” I said and they told me to bring this exact documentation with me. “Yeah. We have trouble with them.” Great. “Them”. As if “Them” wasn’t wearing a FedEx uniform and answering the phone for FedEx. I walked out empty handed.

Does all this sound like a good experience?

As I’m commuting home AT&T was informed of the Exception and called the current phone (which I carry) to ask if I could provide the missing info… which I was able to provide so (if FedEx doesn’t screw up again) it should be deliverable. We’ll find out in the morning.

While folks whine about AT&T all the time, they did get this right. They didn’t just shrug and say it’s FedEx’s issue to deliver it, it’s literally out of our hands, they’re actively trying to get stuff delivered to their customers. FedEx on the other hand isn’t helping their customer (AT&T) and is delivering a bad experience for folks at both ends of their service.

UPS should be thrilled.

[It is with the utmost irony that I note that I returned home to find a door tag from FedEx on my door. Sigh.]

3 thoughts on “FedEx -1 or so, AT&T +1

  1. I wouldn’t care if AT&T baked me cookies and gave me a foot rub, they will not gain +1 from me. Delivery issues or not, I still and largely unable to make a PHONE CALL.

    And to call and tell them I’m having so much trouble making phone calls, I was berated because I have not told them I’m having so much trouble (p.s. I have gotten a credit on my account because of my complaining almost every month since the very first month I signed with them). They call this a courtesy credit.

    Then they asked me to install an app on my phone so I could work for them and fill out all their information about where/when/why I’m having trouble.

    I’m going to skip to the end and just say…
    UGH. Delivery deshmivery.

    Also, love you, miss you.

    • We all love you and miss you too, it’s been quite a while. I’m riding early Sunday as of now. Lemme know if you care to join.

      As for AT&T… I know. Lots of similar stories from people. But I’ve managed to call you a number of times and I seem to reach you. How is that? I think people’s frustration when they can’t far exceed the real stats of the situation.

      Sure, my daily phone call with Lisa on my home has certain spots that drop every single day. But I don’t ever recall it being any other way with Verizon or T-Mobile.

      But while those things can be discussed, they got this part right and therefore got the +1

      From a business case you can argue that FedEx gets the more important portion of their business correct, most packages arriving on time, where expected, etc. But they do have a last mile problem where the services they offer the “company that ships the product” don’t align with needs of the receiver. I know that FedEx could deliver stuff me without all the hassle, but the shippers of product don’t want the hassle of “I never got it” things happening. So this is cheaper and easier for them, but annoys me, the customer. Not so good for them either.

      In the end, I’m the customer all the way ’round since I pay for shipping… thus my annoyance at the company that simplifies their end by only offering one shipping option and cost and there’s no way for me to really make it work. I pay more for speedier shipping thatI don’t get because there’s that day lag tacked on almost every time. Seriously annoying.

      FedEx is doing a disservice to the companies who choose to offer their service in addition to me, the actual user of their service. That’s not good. It makes me ask these companies to offer other shipping services. Which I do all the time now.

      AT&T seems to have done an OK job with the data portion of their network. They seem to continue to have reception problems in densely inhabited areas, and they’re press handling and messaging has been gawdawful. But some smart person got this right, and they deserve to hear that. :)

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