FedEx redux

In the end FedEx shipped the package back to the sender, it having fallen afowl of FedEx’s policy about cell phone shipments which it can’t seem to make clear on their incredibly horrendous site.

The policy runs something like this

“We’re not releasing this package unless (fuzzy FedEx stuff known only to them but is similar to) someone signs for this at the valid address that we brought it to, and no you cannot pick it up or a sign a door tag that we leave for you because we’re not leaving it anyway, unless the company that shipped the phone says we can, and btw, don’t bother because there’s no way for the them to tell us that anyway.”

A friend had a similar experience with FedEx and cell phone (different phone, different phone company) where they FedEx left a door tag. She signed it, and the next found another door tag but no package. When she called FedEx they said that they wouldn’t leave the phone despite the signature… but neither door tag explained that… which in my mind explains the attitude failure that FedEx displays almost all the time. They’re people don’t care if they actually deliver the package.

“Delivery” is also a shady word in FedEx’s world since I don’t believe the package I was trying to pry out of their hands ever left their routing facility. The “mailroom” here is fairly efficient, and in my experience a good natured and hard working bunch. If a FedEx person had said “Hey, I’ve got this package for someone named X, do you have any idea?” I’d bet that package would’ve made it to our collective desk. But I don’t think they ever made that attempt because the address didn’t pass their validation without a suite number or company name. Why could an invalid address be allowed into their system? Dunno. But now that it made been flown half across the country it was undeliverable, and not releasable. It never left the facility from where they wouldn’t release it to someone who arrived to fetch it (moi), and have now sent it back to where it came from, with everyone losing. I know we’re not paying for all this nonsense, that’s for sure, except in annoyance and lost time.

At some point we’ll have to go through another round with AT&T to get an upgrade phone shipped out to an address where we stand a chance of getting it delivered. But this whole thing sucked, and like I said, can only be causing execs at UPS to roll on the floor laughing, and hopefully, to pay attention to the difference they can ensure their service maintains. Don’t ever do this stuff to your customers… it’s a business ending failure if not corrected.