The Friends We Never Meet

The Friends We Never Meet: I’ve watched people — friends — die from cancer. It’s horrible. And I saw in his face that he knew, just like they knew.

There’s so much more I’d like to say. Comparisons with exceptional people I respect from history and how rarely and brightly their lights shine, so rarely that we can name many of them even hundreds or thousands of years later. Or the fleeting nature of life, and how important it is that we do our best with what time and resources we have.

But mostly, since I learned in a text message from Corinne that “Steve Jobs died”, I’ve been thinking about friends we never meet. People we interact with every day but in a very one-sided way, and how they can be important to us without them ever knowing it.

And how it hurts to lose them, even if they were never really there.

[Brilliantly said.]
Source: Truer Words – A Journal