Jamie Chung Captures the History of Apple

Jamie Chung Captures the History of Apple:

Jamie Chung photographs the history of Apple products for Bloomberg Businessweek. The magazine’s latest issue pays tribute to the late Steve Jobs and his visionary legacy at Apple. Chung’s photographs chart the history of Apple products, from the very first computer Jobs created to the iPhone and the iPad. The slideshow includes commentary from Jobs, the company’s history, and product information.

Chung captured the new and old Apple products in a computer archive in New York City. The shoot was a nostalgic for Chung as he’d once had one of the company’s older models. He says he is “glad to participate in the tribute to Jobs’s legacy.”

See more of Jamie Chung’s photographs of Apple products here.

Source: The Bernstein & Andriulli Blog

Film Grenade

Film Grenade: The camera “captures an image at the highest point of flight—when it is hardly moving.” It “takes full spherical panoramas, requires no preparation and images are taken instantaneously. It can capture scenes with many moving objects without producing ghosting artifacts and creates unique images.” You can see it at work in this video


Occupy Election Day

Occupy Election Day:

A picture named thinkUsa.gifI guess he thought that was funny. I don’t. I think the vote is sacred. I don’t care who you vote for, but the thought that one American would even think to deprive another American of their vote, is well un-American, in the extreme.

Helping people get to vote is a very powerful way to flex political muscles in a totally legal way. And prove that there is no specific agenda for the #OWS movement. Help all kinds of voters get to the polls. If a member of the ruling class needs help, we’ll help. Anyone means anyone.

There’s a pulse to this thing. I get that now. We have a really big election coming up in 2012, but the one this November is important too.

[Yeah, there’s some awful stuff being brought to the for. Here’s hoping that sunshine will disinfect the country.]
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Everyone cries, nay, weeps at the thought of it all.

The Cycle Wherein Apple Creates A Product And People Copy It And Then “Improve” Upon The Design And Then People Ask Apple To Do The Same “Improvements” And Apple Doesn’t And Then People Get Mad At Apple And Apple Keeps Making More Money Than Everyone Else:

Of course, technology pundits don’t pay attention to these kinds of things. They see a competitor to Apple, and how they have made an improvement, and they now want Apple to do the same. Apple then doesn’t. Everyone cries, nay, weeps at the thought of it all. In fact, when gadgets reviewers (supposedly unbiased) review a new Apple gadget, they take points off if the screen isn’t larger. Who says a larger screen is better? Doesn’t matter. Android has it, and so Apple needs to do it to stay competitive.

[All developers have to put up with this. Be true to *your* vision.]

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