iTunes and iPhoto fail pretty quickly to help me

I’m stating my problem with these apps to help me later. I need to craft a solution to this problem.

My laptop has relatively limited storage space. I want to keep my photos in a single library and my music in a single library. I want to keep the photos I love and music I’m currently loving in front of me as it were, and everything else out of the way. Multiple library’s don’t work… it’s too hard to know where some music or a photo might be, and then I can’t find anything.

So in short a I need a subset of photos and a subset of music that are part of a larger library. New additions (photos taken, or music recorded or purchased) need to be added to the one true library. The one true library does not need to be accessible at all times, it just needs to add new content when it is available.

If any of you have solved this problem, let me know :)

See also JDD’s writing on the photo side of things as well. Here and here.

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