Don’t Forgive Path, the Creepy Company that Misled Us Once Already

Don’t Forgive Path, the Creepy Company that Misled Us Once Already:

Morin has been receiving backslaps on Twitter today from other industry insiders. Never mind that he only really apologized “if you were uncomfortable” and said Path would “continue to be transparent,” when Path’s prior lack of transparency is precisely the issue here.

No, what seems to count in Silicon Valley is that Morin has mastered the one-two step of breaking the rules to get ahead, claiming to be sorry when caught, and then charging ahead, often right back into another ethically shady area of behavior. It’s a move right out of Mark Zuckerberg’s playbook, or Airbnb’s, or Zynga’s.

Two-faced behavior like this is turning the tech business into an ethical cesspool. Or as Winer put it more than a year ago, “the tech industry is a virus.” If you’re comfortable in your affliction, by all means believe Morin and leave Path installed on your phone. If you’ve finally had enough, trash the thing. If protecting your privacy isn’t worth deleting the latest mobile check-in whatever, then it’s not worth much.

[And a big yuck in the general direction of unethical people, especially those who mask their unethical behavior with a veneer of apologia.]

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