Translucent, pliable material lights up your home and adds privacy, too

Lovell Residence modern kitchen

Translucent, pliable material lights up your home and adds privacy, too:

In the 1970s a new building material gained traction in the marketplace. This material had all of the advantages of a skylight while being superior to skylights in energy efficiency and structure. It’s no wonder that many architects started specifying Kalwall where the only option had been a glass or plastic product.

Kalwall, which was actually developed in the ’50s, is a fiberglass-reinforced translucent sandwich panel. Though initially used for commercial and institutional buildings, Kalwall has become increasing popular for homes. This is especially true for an entire, luminous ceiling or where light is desired but privacy must be maintained.

[I’ve loved this stuff for years. Little known outside of architectural circles, builders are shy to use it. Shame really. I could so do this to my kitchen… Modern kitchen design by San Francisco architect Quezada Architecture]

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