trivial things

trivial things:

But I do hope that as you read this, you stop, if only for a second and realize how truly precious life is.  In the past couple weeks, some of the trivial things that I thought mattered in life,  don’t seem to matter as much anymore.  A simple thing like getting out of bed is just one of many things we take for granted.  So just take a moment – close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let some of the trivial things you worry about go.  Think about the positives and how lucky you are.  Now open your eyes and love life.  It’s too short not to.
P.S. – For the cyclists out there –  a friendly reminder – have fun, but please be safe on the bike.  Wear your helmet, carry identification/wear an ID bracelet, be mindful of traffic and maintain a speed where you are always in control.

[No one leaves this world unscathed.]

2 thoughts on “trivial things

  1. Gerry Hoffberg says:

    I actually think pretty often how lucky I am. Great family, health, energy, great friends, not rich but financial security. Everything I want in life.

    • I too have much to be thankful for. I rarely forget that none of us know how long we have or when life will take a turn. And it happens so fast you don’t know what happened until after it has…

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