Piping stdout and stderr to Preview

Piping stdout and stderr to Preview:

A while back, I wrote about how handy it was to redirect a man page into Preview. This allows you to keep the man page open, search it, and generally have a better user experience than struggling with more (or less) to navigate through the information provided there.

man -t apropos | open -fa Preview

Recently, someone asked me about more modern command line interaction, specifically, commands that use --help or similar to provide their documentation. Could that information be opened in Preview as well.

So I put on my thinking hat and set to work.

Git better with fzf and Fish

Git better with fzf and Fish:

You’ve probably heard me mention fzf before. It’s an amazing command line tool created by Junegunn Choi. It takes a list of data and turns it into a command line menu with fuzzy searching, multi-select, and can even preview each item in whatever way is appropriate. I’ve been using it in all kinds of scripts — where I used to have rudimentary numbered menus, I now have much friendlier and more flexible terminal navigation.

fzf is available via Homebrew, just run brew install fzf. See man fzf for very good documentation.