Does it make you enjoy?

Does it make you enjoy?

Making you happy is too high a bar for anything. It’s unfair to ask that of anyone or anything — it’s something you can really only ask yourself, or bring yourself.

But enjoying something? That’s possible! It’s very much within reach.

So I said, will you enjoy the car? Could you see yourself enjoying the car? Will you enjoy the drive?

And that’s a much easier question to answer. And an expectation that’s easier to accept.

Objects (and experiences) don’t make you anything, you have to enjoy them.

Enjoying something is plenty.

I think he’s going to buy one.

[Happiness is a choice.]

Source: Jason Fried

Sparkle 2.0

Sparkle 2.0:


Sparkle 2 adds support for application sandboxing, custom user interfaces, updating external bundles, and a more modern architecture which includes faster and more reliable installs.

This has been many years in the making.

Release notes:

Moves extraction, validation, and installation into a submitted launchd agent/daemon with XPC communication


Adoption of improved atomic-safe updates leveraging APFS

[Lots of work in there…]

Source: Michael Tsai