How to bring back multi-touch gestures after it crashes without reboot?

macos – How to bring back multi-touch gestures after it crashes without reboot?:

By my experience, multi-touch crashes on a per-app basis. I could quit the app and relaunch it, and gestures would be back.

Apparently, sleeping the display and then waking up the system again will bring back crippled gesture. You can click button to do that, or just close the lid, or use terminal:

pmset displaysleepnow; sleep 5; caffeinate -u -t 1

After one second of black screen, gestures are back.

[Worked for me, although I have a screen sleep corner, so easy enough. I hope Apple fixes this, it’s become a little too routine.]

Why Daytona is a game-changer

Why Daytona is a game-changer:

I laughed out loud when the result came back. Yes, that’s exactly what I was looking for. It wasn’t in a place a user would have looked, and Google never would have found it.

The point is this — it’s past time to take responsibility for finding the stuff we write, and if we do it well, and Daytona does, all of a sudden blogging works so much better, and the incentive to write stuff, to document, to narrate our work, to index everything you can, makes total sense.

[I’ve built a number of apps that integrated search. Each time I had the same thought. Relying on the Big Search Engines is *so* much worse than doing it yourself. Kudos to Dave for making this happen for his stuff.]

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New tool: Mess with DNS!

New tool: Mess with DNS!:

Hello! I’ve been thinking about how to explain DNS a bunch in the last year.

I like to learn in a very hands-on way. And so when I write a zine, I often
close the zine by saying something like “… and the best way to learn more
about this is to play around and experiment!“.

So I built a site where you can do experiments with DNS called Mess With DNS. It has examples of experiments you can try, and
you’ve very encouraged to come up with your own experiments.

I hope this project helps some of you understand DNS better, and I’d love to
hear about any problems you run into. Again, the site is at and you can report problems on GitHub.


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…it wasn’t a vague VC pyramid scheme

I was there for the early web, it wasn’t a vague VC pyramid scheme. The web was a reduction of all the crazy complexity of tech platforms, web made it so you could write a network app in an afternoon. It was the opposite of the FUD that they’re calling “web3.” I’ve yet to hear a coherent explanation of why it should be called web-anything. Selfish beyond belief.

[Selfish is the new crazy.]

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Moving from 1Password to iCloud Keychain ↦

Moving from 1Password to iCloud Keychain ↦:

This is a nice post from developer Simon B. Støvring about getting data out of 1Password and into iCloud Keychain:

Ensuring all items in 1Password have a valid website address is necessary in order to import the items. iCloud Keychain will skip any items that do not have a valid website address.

After ensuring all items have a valid website address, they can be exported from 1Password by selecting a single vault and navigating to File -> Export -> All items…. After entering the Master Password the dialog below is presented. It’s important to change the file format to “iCloud Keychain (.csv)” before exporting.

The article also includes a link to Ricky Mondello’s shortcut for opening the Passwords interface directly on macOS or iOS.

Go to the linked site.

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[Once again, a note to make it easier to find.]

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