MTA to install 2 surveillance cameras on every subway car

MTA to install 2 surveillance cameras on every subway car:

The 13,000 cameras, which cost a total of $5.5 million, will be installed on 6,455 subway cars over the next three years.

Hochul said she hopes the surveillance will result in more people choosing to ride the subway, where ridership remains down 37% on weekdays – despite reaching a post-pandemic high just last week.

“You think Big Brother is watching you on the subways, you’re absolutely right. That is our intent,” Hochul said. “We are going to be having surveillance of activities on the subway trains and that is going to give people great peace of mind. If you’re concerned about this, best answer is don’t commit any crimes on the subways.”

The MTA already has 10,000 cameras in all 472 of its subway stations.

[I recently noted other privacy intrusions in the Subway system. Taking the Subway in NYC might be one of the most intrusive experiences ever soon enough.]

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