The message of Occupy

The message of Occupy:

A picture named manInBlack.gifIt’s really simple. The United States has been run for the benefit of a very small group of people. That was never the idea of this country. This must change.

Occupy Wall Street is not part of any party. It’s not left or right, although many of the people that are part of it look left. But if you look at the groups that are forming around the country, you’ll see that it looks more like America than it does any single political discipline. If it works, it should be equally comfortable for a Republican who yearns for real representative government in the United States as it is for a labor union member, student or retiree. It should be the thing that we all agree on. The principle that Lincoln spoke of in the Gettysburg Address. A government of the people, by the people and for the people. Whether it perishes from the earth is the question. Imho.

The 99 percent message is brilliant, but it’s problematic. What if I were a member of the 1 percent (I might be). Would my participation be welcome?

[Dave points out some of the problems. Unsaid is that the message of these people is muddled and unclear. But he also clarifies quite a bit.]
Source: Scripting News

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