NYPD Interfering with Photography

NYPD Interfering with Photography:

It appears that the NYPD—or at least some of their officers—are using strobing flashlights to purposefully interfere with cameras recording them during Occupy Wall Street protests. Here are two examples that Lucy Kafanov tweeted earlier this evening:

This is really disappointing. I’d go so far as to say it’s reprehensible. It joins the list of bad things we’ve seen the police do in New York—such as beating up protesters, beating them up some more, and running them over. It doesn’t really matter if you are aligned with the Occupy Wall Street protesters or not, you need to be aware of how our public servants are acting and what that says about our nominally free and open society.

Posted by
James Duncan Davidson.

[Righteo. I also retweeted about an officer that got things right. It seems the individuals stand a chance even if the organization sucks. Not a surprise.]
Source: James Duncan Davidson

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