Samsung Lawyer Cannot Tell Samsung Tablet From Apple iPad

Samsung Lawyer Cannot Tell Samsung Tablet From Apple iPad: John Paczkowski, AllThingsD:

Fielding questions from U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, Samsung attorney Kathleen Sullivan was asked if she could distinguish between Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, which Koh held up for all the court to see. Her reply, as first reported by Reuters: “Not at this distance, your honor.”

The distance in question was ten feet.

I bring this up not (solely) for mocking purposes, but because it underlines something that many people I’ve heard from about this case don’t seem to get. Apple is not, to the best of my knowledge, claiming that they’ve patented fundamental and obvious things about iPad-like devices, they’re claiming that Samsung deliberately copied the iPad. There are a lot of tablet makers that Apple is not suing, and Samsung was not chosen as an arbitrary example.

[every market has this. Designers do there thing and if it transits at all it gets knocked off. Talk to anyone in the jewelry or “shmata” business. That doesn’t make it right, good, or anything, but only the largest companies can actually afford to do anything about it.]
Source: Coyote Tracks

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