I Hate My Smartphone

I Hate My Smartphone: The rest of the ways that I interact with my smartphone, they’re all social and, as an introvert, it just doesn’t hold a whole lot of appeal for me. My text messaging skill and finesse, especially when compared to my typing ability, it’s pathetic. I hate trying to input text on the device, especially complex passwords: what a pain!

[So let me see if I understand… a “geek” who implies a severely limited social life (I’ll grant the choice) can’t understand what all the fuss is for people who live on their phones. Hmmm. Wonder of wonders. (note the sarcasm here folks). I, of course, use my phone for silly things like having conversations… with a touch of email checking, a bit of social image sharing, and the odd bit of texting. I don’t know how smart my phone has to be, but it sure is easier to do those things with it than the “dumb” phones I’ve owned.]

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