The difference between management and leadership

The difference between management and leadership:

Managers work to get their employees to do what they did yesterday, but a little faster and a little cheaper.

Leaders, on the other hand, know where they’d like to go, but understand that they can’t get there without their tribe, without giving those they lead the tools to make something happen.

Managers want authority. Leaders take responsibility.

We need both. But we have to be careful not to confuse them. And it helps to remember that leaders are scarce and thus more valuable.

[And frankly the real trick is to balance both. Good one from Seth though.]
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I Hate My Smartphone

I Hate My Smartphone: The rest of the ways that I interact with my smartphone, they’re all social and, as an introvert, it just doesn’t hold a whole lot of appeal for me. My text messaging skill and finesse, especially when compared to my typing ability, it’s pathetic. I hate trying to input text on the device, especially complex passwords: what a pain!

[So let me see if I understand… a “geek” who implies a severely limited social life (I’ll grant the choice) can’t understand what all the fuss is for people who live on their phones. Hmmm. Wonder of wonders. (note the sarcasm here folks). I, of course, use my phone for silly things like having conversations… with a touch of email checking, a bit of social image sharing, and the odd bit of texting. I don’t know how smart my phone has to be, but it sure is easier to do those things with it than the “dumb” phones I’ve owned.]

Why Bundler 1.1 will be much faster – Pat Shaughnessy

Why Bundler 1.1 will be much faster – Pat Shaughnessy: If you’ve worked on a Rails 3 application during the past year or so you’ve probably noticed that running bundle install or bundle update can often take a long, long time to finish. The terminal seems to hang for 30 seconds or more after displaying “Fetching source index for” Well I have some good news for you: the smart people behind Bundler and have come up with a solution, and the new version of Bundler about to be released is a lot faster! Today I’m going to take a look at exactly why Bundler 1.1 is so much faster – at what exactly the RubyGems/Bundler teams did to speed it up.


Daily Kos: A Voice From the 1%

Daily Kos: A Voice From the 1%: Thus you can imagine my amazement this summer when I watched the Republicans in Congress push the United States to the brink of default – and the world to the brink of ruin – over whether to repeal a portion of the Bush tax cuts and raise my taxes by 3.5%.  I know a lot of people with high incomes and even the conservatives among them were confused by that sequence of events.  Here is a secret about rich people:  we wouldn’t have noticed a 3.5% tax increase.  That is not only because there isn’t a material difference between having $1 million and $965,000, which is obvious, but also because most of us don’t actually know how much money we are going to make in a given year.  Most income at that level is the result of profits rather than salary, whether it comes in the form of bonuses, stock options, partnership distributions, dividends or capital gains.  Profits are unpredictable and they tend to vary wildly.  At my own firm, the general rule of thumb is that if we are within 5% of our budget for the year, everyone is happy and no one complains.  A variation of 3.5% is merely a random blip.

[So right on it hurts.]

A Week With iOS 5

A Week With iOS 5: Put it this way: I’m home now and there’s not one task that cropped up during the week that I had to say “I’ll have to wait until I get back to my Mac to finish this”. That, to me, is the interesting bit.

[Indeed. If you have a chance, hook up a blutooth keyboard to your iPhone. It can be an eye opening experience to have a full sized keyboard attached to that device.]
Source: Fraser Speirs

My Favorite Pen: The Pilot Razor Point II, super fine, in black

My Favorite Pen: The Zebra Sarasa 0.4mm:

Black ink, of course. Been using it for a few years now, nothing else comes close. (Well, the Uni-ball Signo RT 0.38mm comes close.) Anyway, if you’re not buying pens from JetPens, your pen probably sucks.

[Well I haven’t bought from them (yet) but my favorite pen is the Pilot Razor Point II, super fine, in black (natch). It does not suck. 9That’s for general use (daily scribbling with a touch of sketching and whatnot.) Other uses demand other pens…]
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The lovely Jessica Hische just revealed her latest do-good-side-project called 52× here at BrooklynBeta.

The idea: 52× will help you give to charity, every week, for one year. Her site will act as a messenger, not a middle-man, asking you to donate $52 directly to the featured charity. If $52 is too much, donate $25, $15 or $10! Give whatever you can, each and every week for one year, and together we will make a giant difference. Here’s the site: 52×

If you want to help Jessica to make it easier to donate/give and help her build out the site, please get in touch with her!

[Nice idea.]
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