Meet the Self-Hosters, Taking Back the Internet One Server at a Time

Meet the Self-Hosters, Taking Back the Internet One Server at a Time:

Much of this growth can be seen on Reddit, with r/selfhosted hitting over 136,000 members and continuing to rise, up from 84,000 just a year ago. The discussions involve self-hosting software that spans dozens of categories, from home automation, genealogy, and media streaming to document collaboration and e-commerce. The list maintained by nodiscc and the community has grown so long that its stewards say it needs more curation and better navigation.

The quality of free and easy-to-use self-hosting software has increased too, making the practice increasingly accessible to the less-technically savvy. Add to that the rise of cheap, credit card-sized single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi, which lower the starting costs of creating a home server to as little as $5 or $10. “Between high-available hosting environments, to one-click/one-command deploy options for hundreds of different softwares, the barrier for entry has dramatically been lowered over the years,” said KmisterK.

[I did this for a long time and then messed up a transition, lost a bunch of things, and tossed in the towel. It still makes me sad, but it remains clear that while it would have been nice to not lose all that history, it has had no overwhelmingly detrimental effect. I’m glad to be blogging again, it had been so long when I felt I had lost my voice, but it seems it was just hiding behind the couch. And I’m working on a podcast as well, (something I thought I’ve never do…) but I have some thoughts. Birth of a notion and all that.]

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