I am for being for things (Part 2)

Part 1 is here.

##For thoughts

So this year I will continue to be for things. I’m completely for being for things. I am simply and expansively for.

I’m for the team and it, in turn, is for me.

I am for the parts that are not great because they are large and coupled and ignoble and insufferable and wish to be better and I with them.

I am for building into it and building through it because inside there is where I find out (or remember) that after all the inhumanity (oh!) of it all, it all turns out to be endurable and worthy of my efforts.

I am for that which does not endure, too. I am for forgetting and moving beyond and above and between and forgiving my past failures.

I am for working when it is just work and also when everything is riding on the work.

I am for caring too much about the work and nothing at all about the work, either way and sometimes both ways and sometimes any and all ways in between, part of the way sometimes, sometimes all the way, on and on until I know I can never know really what I am working for and, not caring, I work, and I work and work and work, for no reason other than to work and better myself.

I am for that—all of that, and also you and my teammates, and all of yours.

When I acknowledge that there is no such thing as perfect code or a perfect team or a perfect project, that only the idea of it exists… then the real purpose of striving toward perfection becomes clear:

To make me/we/us happy!

That is what it is all about. And I am all for that all the time. No one has more fun than we!

Happy New Year!

Shamelessly stolen from Bill Strickland

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